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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 26, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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economy around. but new optimism could help energize president obama. hallie jackson has this "201 commitment 2012" report. >> a new poll shows president obama with the double-digit lead over mitt romney in ohio. mitt romney's bus tour makes its final stop today in a key state . >> ohioans, you have a huge say so in this. >> fewer americans are working today -- >> there flooding the state with ads that showed that romney is better for the economy. >> it is a repeat of what he said four years ago. >> it may be a tough sell in a state where unemployment is lower than the national average, and where many like the president's bailout of the auto industry.
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consumer confidence is at its highest level in six months. >> they act like somehow in september 2008, all of a sudden recession fell from the sky. whoa, how did this happen? >> after a day spent talking foreign policy in new york, the president will shift gears in ohio. the campaign is not ignoring other battleground states. >> instead of attacking folks who work for a living, shouldn't we stand up for them? >> other signs that the economy may be moving in the right direction, home values are up, and so our housing prices in some of the countries biggest cities. hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> we are learning of a new shooting inside baltimore city line speed police found a 23- year-old man at milton ave shot several times. the victim was taken to the hospital. police are searching for a suspect. all baltimore city man unexpectedly dies after being
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taken into police custody, and his family wants answers. anthony anderson died friday night after a confrontation with police in baltimore. according to his family, he was on his way to celebrate his granddaughter's birthday when the officers assaulted him. detectives assigned to the violent crimes impact division say that is not what happened at all. >> they observed him put what was suspected to be some type of narcotic in his mouth. they placed him under arrest for that and put handcuffs on him. he started complaining of discomfort and pain. it was believed that he may have ingested some of the drugs he had an was maybe joking -- choking. >> the two officers involved are suspended with pay while detectives investigate anderson's death. federal agents work with police in two maryland counties to the rest doesn't in an overnight
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prostitution sting they took 23 men for soliciting prostitution. the arrests were part of the probe spearheaded by the homeland security investigation division. the head of the maryland state police said that quarter ending efforts among various agencies made the enforcement action more successful, and that the investigation into local prostitution rings is ongoing. the owner of a theater is judged responsible for the riot-like behavior that occurred over the weekend. they say that the owner overbrook to the location, causing a mob to form in downtown towson. some people in the crowd became unruly, one person was shot, and police had to arrest six others. officials could go after the theater's the license -- liquor license. >> you are responsible for what takes place in your promises and outside your promises, and if there are actions connected, we
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will hold your liquor license. >> anthony batts was officially sworn in as baltimore city police commissioner tuesday. he begins his new job tomorrow, when he will replace fred bealefeld. he headed up police departments in oakland and long beach, california. it comes a day after a acting commissioner anthony barksdale left on indefinite medical leave. delegate tiffany alston can no longer practice law, at least at the moment. the maryland court of appeals decision to suspend her license came on tuesday. she is alleged to have violated several rules of professional conduct. in june, the prince george's county democrat was found guilty of misdemeanor theft and misconduct after she allegedly use state funding to pay an employee of her law office. she is set to go on trial next month on charges she used campaign money to pay wedding expenses.
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>> thankfully, we are seeing breaks of sunshine right now. that could be a bad thing as we get into the afternoon. that could heat up the atmosphere in me because thunderstorms. right now, we look at the radar picture. these are heading for york county in southern pennsylvania and not making their way south of hagerstown. these are keeping their way towards the baltimore metro area. maybe some thunderstorms this afternoon. right now at b.w.i. thurgood marshall, a few clouds in place. high temperatures near 80 degrees this afternoon. that is when we could see a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. >> after weeks of day today improvement, o's start to slide in the postseason push. the blue jays got things rolling at the very top. first inning, a single off joe saunders, over the head of j.j.
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hardy. one-zero, toronto. loadm of the night, o's the bases, but ryan flaherty gets under the pinch. toronto winds of 4-0. it makes the seasons wild-card race considerably tighter. the l.a. angels are two behind and tampa bay is making a comeback. coming up, this video out of washington state as a fire spreads at an apartment complex. extreme waves in hawaii topple
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >> a dozen families are forced from their homes after a fire breaks out in a spokane, washington apartment complex. it started tuesday afternoon in a three-story building. firefighters found heavy smoke and flames from the roof of the building. it took a couple hours for firefighters to extinguish the flames. residents were told they could stay at a nearby hotel. the u.s. supreme court will
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decide whether police can force suspected drunken drivers who refuse a breath test to have blood on a hospital bed at issue is whether blood tests constitute an unreasonable search. the justices agreed on tuesday to hear an appeal from misurata prosecutors, who argue that because alcohol in the body quickly dissipates, police need to act quickly and required drunken-driving suspects to undergo a breath test for blood tests. the aclu argues that police must obtain a search warrant before compelling the suspect to undergo. -- to undergo a blood test. we have incredible video of a powerful wave that's what the news -- that swamped canoes in hawaii. many flipped before getting far.
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a 30-year-old suffered two broken ribs after her canoe collided with another. still to come, a breakthrough in the treatment for vision loss. we will fill you in on the center put it to th -- the center credited with changing lives across the globe. >> we will talk about which type
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>> the new casino in downtown baltimore is one step closer to becoming a reality. operators gathered at the side to introduce the new general manager. he comes from louisiana and has 18 years' experience in gaming.
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he is planning future expansion. >> i am extremely excited for what this is going to mean for the particular area. when the casino is here, it is going to make way for other ancillary types of businesses. >> the new facility, near m&t bank stadium, will feature slot machines and bring more than 3000 jobs to the city. it is set to open in 2014. in "consumer alert," the sparrows point steel mill is up for grabs once again. the new owner announced on tuesday that it will be up for auction on january 3 if it is not required before then. nearly 2000 people lost their jobs when the bill was sold, but
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bids are due by december 21. another check on the pulse of the housing market today when the government releases the new home sales data for august. economists expect the figure to reach the highest level in more than two years. just last week, existing home sales showed gains of close to 8%. it baltimore-based nonprofit wants more maryland families to benefit from a landmark summit with five of the countries largest banks. the maryland consumer rights coalition says more than 79,000 families across the state are at risk of losing their homes, and they would like to see more principal reduction for those families instead of short sales. the coalition is working with the state attorney general's office on a homeowner's bill of rights. >> we want to make sure we're doing everything we can in terms of policy to get it right and make sure that banks are held
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accountable for their past actions. >> to find out if you are eligible for assistance, contact the state attorney general's office. >> now, you're a 11 insta- weather-plus forecast with ava marie. >> but afternoon. we started with rain. we had a bit of a bright. we could have more rain to wrap up the day. a couple of light showers showing up just south of hagerstown. these are slowly starting to migrate back over. this is where the majority of the rain is right now. that could change as this entire front extends to our west. we could get more development as we get into the afternoon. here's a look at the satellite picture here. this front is further up north into the great lakes region.
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the sun heats up the atmosphere and taps into the moisture coming in to the south and nieto of the front, and that will allow for more thunderstorms to pop-up in the afternoon. we will have to watch out for this as we get into the afternoon hours. this will stay in our area for multiple days. we've been able to warm up a little bit more today. temperatures are pushing into the mid-seventies across the metro area. it is much cooler in the mountains, where we have 60s and low seventies right now. highs near baltimore at 80 degrees. then the next batch of showers moves in and notice how they extend all the way to the front. have your areas all the way into indiana. some of the moisture could move
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our way not only this afternoon by the next couple of days. notice what at least one model showing, isolated storms. still indicating that there could be a thunderstorm or shower through the afternoon. then we get a better break again and we have to watch out for more storms on thursday, and farther into the future, that is still a possibility. this practice still hanging in the area and it takes is through thursday afternoon. it may take until the rest of the weekend until this finally clears on out. showers are possible, maybe some thunderstorms, especially through the afternoon. temperatures stay little bit milder into the 50s and 60s. tomorrow, variable clouds and showers possible, especially into the afternoon hours. chance for rain every single day as we go into the weekend.
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low 70's starting tomorrow. >> in "medical alert," a new study shows that children living in urban areas are more likely to develop asthma. sick urban babies had significantly higher rates of a virus known to cause persistent infections and affect the development of the lungs, which can lead to asthma. these findings could help doctors target new treatments in children. the next new cancer treatment may be a 50-year-old diabetes drug. it prevented tumors in mice and reduced the likelihood that a diabetic would develop a malignancy. the drug, which sells for about 5 cents a bill, is dispensed about 120 million times each year to if the latest trial on a
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breast and other tumors are successful, it could become a cheap weapon in the fight against a myriad of diseases. millions of people suffer from vision loss or eye disease, and one center is behind many of the breakthrough treatment than a change the lives across the globe. it is right here in the united states, the world's first on the combined eye transplant and research center. >> it opened in 1973. today, by uniting the world's largest i bank and a cutting edge research center, it is the global leader in ocular science. this man is the visionary and ceo, leading his team with a critical mantra. >> we don't want them to spend time and energy waiting six months down the road to find out
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that the project is not a success. what is taking three or four months other places, we can determine in less than a week. >> breakthroughs come faster as well, and here is why. they just expanded sleeping quarters on site. researchers from all over the united states and abroad can stay here and immediately study donated i to shoot before it breaks down. some 50,000 men, women, and children around the world have their sight back because of the institute and the game changer who started his career as a collector, working with families of donors. knowing that the gift will change another person's life is what drives his passion. >> they don't know who we are but hoping at the end of the day that we will make a difference in their lives. >> thanks to the institute, as the man that can see. at the age of 9, she had her first transplant.
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16, she was fitted with contacts and the eye opening realization of independence. so independent. i come here by myself. i don't drive, but i come here by myself, i go grocery shopping by myself. it made me who i am today. without the cornea transplant, i wouldn't be able to go to college. that is probably the biggest thing. >> she is in college now, where she met her fiance, and together they can see the world. >> it their remarkable story there. coming up next, your pick three and pick four numbers, and another check of the insta- weather-plus forecast.
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>> -- maryland lottery midday pick three and pick four numbers. >> i am sarah fleischer from 98 rock, and it is time to play your pick 3 numbers. take for in just a moment.
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the new malecki 7 game but it is six $5 scratch-off street look for the book at your favorite lottery retailer. moving on to your pick four game. the maryland lottery -- let yourself play. >> ava has one last check of the forecast. rain in the forecast? >> yes. until this clears out, we have it in the forecast all weekend. we cool down into the low seventies thursday and beyond. >> thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> watch tonight at 5:00 with donna hamilton and stan stovall.
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